Sears Matoka Model at 23 Central Terrace in Wyoming, Ohio

This post was originally published by Laraine Shape on Nov. 2, 2013

Sears Matoka Model at 23 Central Terrace in Wyoming, Ohio

Here is a beautiful example of a Sears Matoka model in Wyoming, Ohio. This model originally appeared as Modern Home No. 168 in the Sears Modern Home catalog of 1911 and was later named the Matoka. It was described as being “pleasing but not extreme.” The original catalog offering gave customers the option of finishing the 2nd floor or not. If finished there would be an additional 2 bedrooms, making this a very spacious 4 bedroom home. According to the Hamilton County Auditor’s webpage, this particular home was built in 1927 and has 7 rooms including 4 finished bedrooms. Click here to see the original Sears catalog offering of this delightful bungalow. And click here to see another Matoka  found by Sears Home expert Rosemary Thornton. Scroll down to the middle of the page.

Thank you to Cindy Catanzaro, resident Springfield, Ohio Sears Home expert, owner and renovator for telling us about this one. You can find Cindy’s Facebook page on Sears Modern Homes here


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