Beautiful Brown Bungalow in Lebanon, Ohio

This post was originally published by Laraine Shape on December 16, 2013


Beautiful Brown Bungalow at 466 Columbus Ave. Lebanon, Ohio.

If you ever drive down Columbus Ave. in Lebanon, Ohio to or from the Kroger store, you can’t miss it. It’s one of the prettiest houses in town. And that’s saying a lot because Lebanon is loaded with eye candy when it comes to houses. Not to mention all the other wonderful things Lebanon has to offer. It’s just about perfect when it comes to small town living.

This charming brown bungalow is just beautiful. It even has a beautiful, matching garage that looks almost too pretty for parking a car in!

Notes about this post

Along with featuring wonderful photos of Sears Houses, Laraine would occasionally post pictures of other lovely homes she spotted along her path.   This “Beautiful Brown Bungalow” is one of those houses.

She posted several additional pictures of this home from her Dec 16, 2013 visit, but for some reason, I did not capture all of them.

No matter, I stopped and took my own photos of this beauty long before Laraine spotted it.  The following photos are my own, but obviously they were not taken in December.

004a004ab007agarage001 (2)


One thought on “Beautiful Brown Bungalow in Lebanon, Ohio

  1. That really is a beautiful house. Sometimes, I just want to sit and look at them for a while. This one is like that. It just draws you in.


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