The Sears House Goldmine in Mt. Healthy, Ohio

Originally published by Laraine Shape on March 25, 2014

Did you know that Mt. Healthy, Ohio was a refuge from the Cholera epidemic of 1850? And that it was originally called Mt. Pleasant? Or that it has a bakery that makes an award winning beehive coffee cake?

And did you know that Mt. Healthy is a goldmine of SEARS Roebuck kit houses? It’s true. Mt. Healthy is a veritable treasure trove of SEARS kit homes, some in beautiful condition and some not so much. And best of all, they’re all within a few blocks of each other.

There are undoubtedly more SEARS Roebuck houses in Mt. Healthy than those listed here, but these are the homes we feel are the real deal. Legitimate SEARS Roebuck kit homes. If you have one we didn’t include, please let us know!

Thank you to Donna Bakke and Cindy Catanzaro, fellow SEARS kit house enthusiasts, for providing the list and pointing the way!


What is it about yellow houses? They all seem to have such sunny dispositions and this one is no different. It’s as pretty as it can be with its “Four rooms and
a bath.” And according to SEARS, “with its four good size rooms, bath, large closets and many conveniences, you will like the Josephine the longer you live in it.”

Sears Josephine Model at 7933 Hickman
1452 Adams – Sears Josephine model
1545 St. Clair – Sears Marina model

A Sears Marina model with an addition on the left and new windows throughout. Sadly, the original porch pillars and railings are gone on this one. The window configuration on the dormer is also different than what Sears showed on their original offering.

1553 McMakin – Sears Barrington model

Lovely example of the Sears Barrington model.  Sadly this home went into foreclosure and went back to the bank (JP Morgan Chase) in December 2013. Watch for it to be on the market soon. I have a feeling someone is going to get a great deal on this pretty home.

1722 Madison – Sears Osborn model

This is a beautiful Sears Osborn model that has been meticulously maintained by its current owners.  Click here to see the earlier feature and interior photos of this home.

7023 Clovernook – Sears Langston model

This pretty home is either a SEARS Gladstone or Langston model – nearly identical models.

7064 Clovernook – Sears Starlight model

According to the SEARS catalog, “The Starlight bungalow is one of our most popular designs. It is dignified and substantial in every detail.”

7329 Perry – Sears Hamilton model

This sweetheart of a home is a near perfect example of the SEARS Hamilton model. The Hamilton was perfect for a narrow lot. It featured lots of windows, a breakfast nook and a walk-in pantry.

7367 Joseph – Sears Elsmore model

“Refinement and comfort” is what you could expect to find in this SEARS Elsmore model, according to the catalog offering of this home. The Elsmore opened into a reception hall, rather than directly into the living room as most other plans of the day.

7424 Werner – Sears Marina model

Another SEARS Marina model with a different dormer arrangement than the one on St. Clair.

7427 Maple – Sears Whitehall model

“A neat and roomy house at very low price” is how SEARS billed this 3 bedroom two story with bay windows on the first and second floors.

7501 Maple – Sears Dundee model

The SEARS Dundee model – one of the sweetest little houses SEARS made. It came with 4 rooms including a living room, kitchen with a convenient landing for the refrigerator and 2 bedrooms.

7821 Joseph – Sears Whitehall model

And another SEARS Whitehall model. Sadly, this home is missing most of its original character according to a contractor that was present the day I took this photo.

7828 Elizabeth – Sears Conway model

You say tomato. I say tomato. Same holds true for the SEARS Conway model, also known as the Uriel. Same home, different model names. Whatever you call it, it’s one sweet home. Neat, clean lines and attractive symmetry. What’s not to like?

7831 Harrison-Hamilton-1
7831 Forest – Sears Hamilton model

Here’s a cute little Hamilton on Forest that appears to be in very decent shape, with the exception of needing a coat of paint. Definitely a popular model.

7844 Joseph – Sears Hamilton model

And yet another SEARS Hamilton model.



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  1. I know this is a small detail, but I think it should say “cholera epidemic of 1850” in the beginning, not 1950. Just thought I would bring this to your attention!


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