16 Sears Argyle Models in Cincinnati (and counting)

Originally published by Laraine Shape on June 11, 2014 – edited

3239 Stanhope-1
Sears Argyle model at 3239 Stanhope Ave. (Westwood)  

If you were looking for a Sears Roebuck Argyle model and found Cincinnati, you’d be doing okay. We have 16 of them here, or at least that’s how many Beatrice Lask found when she did her Sears House Survey back in the early 90′s. I’m guessing there are more that haven’t been unearthed yet.


Argyle 1920
Sears Argyle from the 1920 Modern Homes Catalog
5 Walnut Ave. (Wyoming)
18 Allen Ave. (Wyoming)
24 Allen Ave. (Wyoming)


40 Sheehan Ave. (Hartwell)
323 N Cooper Ave. (Lockland)


426 Burns Ave. (Wyoming)
426 Hillside Ave. (Lockland)
573 Grand Ave. (East Price Hill)
666 Derby Ave. (Spring Grove Village)
2301 Buxton Ave. (Norwood)
3323 Cavanaugh Ave. (Westwood)
3805 Aylesboro Ave. (Hyde Park)
4118 Watterson Ave. (Madisonville)
6066 Lantana Ave. (College Hill)
6697 Bantry Ave. (Kennedy Heights)
(Address not noted in original post – Mason)


Notes about this post

Apparently Laraine was so enthusiastic about all these Argyle models that she lost count, as actually there are 17 houses pictured above.

Laraine got quite a few interior photos of the first one shown, but I am electing to put them in a separate post.

Since Laraine published this, several more Argyles in the Cincinnati area have been located.  Here they are.

Screenshot (1211).png
4095 Homer Ave. (Madisonville)
S Argyle 5243 Hunter Ave CCat Cincinnati OH (2)
5243 Hunter Ave. (Norwood)  (Photo by Cindy Catanzaro)
Screenshot (1212)
3025 Junietta Ave. (Westwood)
Screenshot (1213)
2240 Hannaford Ave. (Norwood)

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