Meet the Beacon Street Architectural Triumph!

Originally published by Laraine Shape on August 19, 2014

1347 Beacon St., Mt. Washington – Sears Sherburne model

The 1913 Sears Roebuck Modern Homes Catalog promoted this pretty (and fairly rare) 187 model as an “Architectural Triumph” and said, “when built on a
lot of proper size and painted in refined contrasting colors its effect is strikingly attractive.”

And so it is. This sweet 187 model, later named the “Sherburne,” is still a triumph 93 years later. What a beauty! Cincinnati is lucky to have her.

Built in 1921 and located at 1347 Beacon St. in the Mt. Washington area of Cincinnati, it’s a standout among at least 12 other Sears Roebuck kit houses.

Is it really a rare Sears Sherburne? I think so. Everything is right – from its window arrangement, to its unique cornice return above the porch, to its open second floor deck, all the way down to the size of its footprint (26 X 31).

Have a look at the catalog photo below and see what you think.

And who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky and get a chance to see the inside one of these days.




Hamilton County Auditor Sketch of 1347 Beacon St

Comments from original post

Lara – August 19. 2014 -Wow that is in great shape. Nice find! “Architectural triumph” might be an overstatement.

Laraine -August 19, 2014- Thanks, Lara. Ha! The triumph is Sears wording, not mine. They must have had a great marketing department.

Cindy Catanzaro -August 19, 2014 -Great find, Laraine! Love this one!!!!

Laraine- August 19, 2014-Thanks, Cindy. And thanks for all your help. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t know which end was up half the time when it comes to Sears houses.




One thought on “Meet the Beacon Street Architectural Triumph!

  1. Thanks for sharing Laraine’s post about this great-looking house, Cindy. Laraine is not the only one who has benefited from your Sears knowledge… count me in 🙂



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