Meet the Pretty Little Plum on Church Street in Mason – A Sweet Sears Argyle Model

Originally published by Laraine Shape on July 16, 2014

112 Church St., Mason-1
Meet the sweet little Sears Argyle on Church St. in Mason

Imagine knocking on a total stranger’s door and having them invite you in, be happy to see you, show you around their home, open their closet doors and make you feel as welcome as a long lost friend. That’s what happened to me when I knocked on Sherry Williams’ original Sears Roebuck door at 112 Church Street in Mason.

It was such a treat that when I left I felt as if I had spent the afternoon in a day spa getting rubbed, plucked, waxed and pampered. Speaking of which, guess what my new found friend does for a living? She’s the VP of Client Relations at Mitchell’s Salon and Day Spa. (I hope her boss knows how lucky he is to have her)

Her home is a perfect example of the Sears Argyle model, one of my absolute favorites and one of Sears’ top ten most popular models. And no wonder. It’s a sweet 2 bedroom with beamed ceilings, built ins on either side of the living room fireplace, a bookcase colonnade entry to the dining room and so much more.  Sears billed this little plum as a home that “Makes its owners proud.”

And the one Sherry found and purchased less than two years ago is the kind we Sears house aficionados dream of getting the opportunity to see. It’s still in near perfect shape, from head to toe. What a lucky find for her. Not only did she get a great deal on it, she grew up across the street from it!

Sherry’s Argyle still has its original built ins, beamed ceiling, colonnades, doors, hardware, wavy glass windows, kitchen cabinet with flour bin (my camera battery went dead before I got a picture of it!!), claw foot tub, medicine cabinet, bedroom cubby hole, hardwood floors, shake siding, window flower boxes and garage doors!

According to Sherry, her Argyle was built in 1924 by the Wiseman family, owners of the Wiseman Chicken Farm in Mason (the old metal roofed chicken coop still stands within a stone’s throw and has been converted to apartments).

Thank you, Sherry for sharing. And thank you for being such a sweetheart. No wonder you have such good fortune.

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Sears Argyle Model at 426 Burns Ave. in Wyoming, Ohio

This post was originally published by Laraine Shape on Nov. 3, 2013

426 Burns Ave-1
Sears Argyle Model at 426 Burns Ave. in Wyoming, Ohio

This sweet little blue house with crisp white trim is a wonderful example of a Sears “Honor Bilt” Argyle model in Wyoming, Ohio. It was built in 1918 and consists of 2 bedrooms and 1 full bathroom.  The 1923 Sears Modern Home catalog billed this offering as “a pleasing small bungalow with two bedrooms and a easy living floor plan”.  It’s exposed beams, rafter tails, elaborated verge boards (decorative board at the verge of the roof) and built-ins make even the small Sears kit houses as desirable today as when they were built decades ago.

This is one of my favorite houses in Wyoming. I often drive down Burns just so I can get another look at her.  Click here to see the original Sears catalog offering of this little cutie along with an illustration of what the interior may have looked like. And click here to see Rosemary Thornton’s blog about the Argyle

Sears Argyle Model at 426 Burns Ave. in Wyoming, Ohio