Meet the Beacon Street Architectural Triumph!

Originally published by Laraine Shape on August 19, 2014

1347 Beacon St., Mt. Washington – Sears Sherburne model

The 1913 Sears Roebuck Modern Homes Catalog promoted this pretty (and fairly rare) 187 model as an “Architectural Triumph” and said, “when built on a
lot of proper size and painted in refined contrasting colors its effect is strikingly attractive.”

And so it is. This sweet 187 model, later named the “Sherburne,” is still a triumph 93 years later. What a beauty! Cincinnati is lucky to have her.

Built in 1921 and located at 1347 Beacon St. in the Mt. Washington area of Cincinnati, it’s a standout among at least 12 other Sears Roebuck kit houses.

Is it really a rare Sears Sherburne? I think so. Everything is right – from its window arrangement, to its unique cornice return above the porch, to its open second floor deck, all the way down to the size of its footprint (26 X 31).

Have a look at the catalog photo below and see what you think.

And who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky and get a chance to see the inside one of these days.




Hamilton County Auditor Sketch of 1347 Beacon St

Comments from original post

Lara – August 19. 2014 -Wow that is in great shape. Nice find! “Architectural triumph” might be an overstatement.

Laraine -August 19, 2014- Thanks, Lara. Ha! The triumph is Sears wording, not mine. They must have had a great marketing department.

Cindy Catanzaro -August 19, 2014 -Great find, Laraine! Love this one!!!!

Laraine- August 19, 2014-Thanks, Cindy. And thanks for all your help. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t know which end was up half the time when it comes to Sears houses.