Honey, Stop the Car! I Think I See a Five Piece Eave Bracket!

Originally published by Laraine Shape on September 25, 2014

407 2nd St., Mason, Ohio – A Sears Hazelton? Sure looks like one!

Yes! And not just one, there are several of them. And they’re attached to what appears to be a Sears Hazelton model – in BEAUTIFUL condition. What a pretty home!

Problem is…it’s not a perfect match to the catalog model and the Sears House “authoritahs” will stamp their feet and say “no, no, no!” since it’s shy of being
AN EXACT MATCH, but I’m afraid I”ll have to disagree in this case.

Here’s what’s off. This house is 6 feet longer than the catalog model plan (yes, Sears did modify their plans to suit the owner), the bay window is missing it’s small side window, and the windows to the right of the bay are not a series of three as they should be. But everything else sure screams Hazelton.

What do you think? Yay or nay?screenshot-309

Distinctive Sears 5 piece eave bracket
The window arrangement isn’t a perfect match






Comments made on original posting

Sept 25, 2014- Cindy Catanzaro- I think yes! Maybe you can get an invite to see the inside, but until then, I would call it a Hazelton.

Sept 25, 2014- Laraine Shape- Me, too! And I love the invite idea. This one isn’t too far away from that sweet Argyle “plum” I featured.

Sept 25, 2014- Donna Bakke- the side windows are probably covered by the vinyl siding. I ID’ed this as a Hazelton years ago – saw it again last spring and still thought it was. If
those are replacement windows, sometimes they can go from 3 to 2.

Sept 25, 2014- Laraine Shape- Eeeek! Windows covered by siding? Anyway, I’m glad you agree on it being a Hazelton.

Sept 26, 2014- Donna Bakke- those little side windows often get covered. They’re a pain to work around, so they just cover them up!!

Sept 25, 2014- Laraine Shape – Well, god forbid we make the siding people work a little harder to save a Sears house feature!

Sept 25, 2014- Lara- YES!! There are a lot of details that are right. By the way, there’s a Hazelton in Des Plaines, IL without the side windows in the bay.

Sept 25, 2014- Laraine Shape- Thanks, Lara. that’s good to know!




One thought on “Honey, Stop the Car! I Think I See a Five Piece Eave Bracket!

  1. This home belonged to my Great Aunt and Uncle (Miles “Pete” and Thelma Scofield) for many years. I am unfamiliar with the Sears homes, this is the first I heard of it – I would have to check with other family to see if this is what it in fact was – sure looks like it. With that being said, the floor plan was flopped from the ad. . .When you walked in, the bedrooms and bath are on the right, family and dining on left of house, kitchen in the back. Loved seeing their old home on your blog, regardless. Interesting!


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