About “Sears Houses in Cincinnati”

This site is a tribute to the original “Sears Houses in Cincinnati” website, which was published from Oct 2013 to Nov 2014.

The original website was created and maintained by Laraine Shape, a realtor in Cincinnati, who stumbled upon information about Sears Kit Houses while researching other homes in her area.

Laraine quickly became a huge fan of this unique part of our Architectural history.

She loved to  take photos of the houses that had previously been located by other kit house researchers, and learned quickly how to spot them herself.  She would often call on homeowners, get invited to see the inside of the home, then get great photos to share with others through her website.

Laraine Shape passed away in Jan of 2015, following a brief illness.

I hope you learn something about Sears Modern Homes while browsing through these blog posts.

Feel free to share this site with others who might have interest, but please don’t use these photos without giving proper credit.


Laraine is watching.




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