The SEARS House Chester and Hattie Wood Built in Edgemont

Originally published by Laraine Shape on April 9, 2014

7553 Ross Ave-1
7553 Ross Ave., Cincinnati

The SEARS kit house Chester and Hattie Wood built was a few years in the making, but it turned out just fine. One of their two daughters, Eileen, was born deaf and later went blind. She was able to live out her life in the comfort of the home she grew up in. Eileen passed away in 2005 and Chester and Hattie’s house patiently waited for its new owner, Kate, who made it hers in April of 2010.

Kate’s house at 7553 Ross Ave. in Cincinnati, Ohio is the SEARS Roebuck Hamilton model – only available in the SEARS catalogs from 1922 to 1930. The Hamilton County Auditor’s site shows the house being built in 1928.

Kate knew the minute she met her little Hamilton model that she was to be the new owner. It was a match made in heaven. She loved it at first sight and today, after 4 years of living in the home, she experienced the thrill of discovering something very special about the home’s history – original blueprints! Can you imagine our excitement when we discovered a carefully wrapped roll labeled “blue prints” in a basement floor joist cubby hole? Who needs to find grease pencil marks or numbered lumber to “prove” it’s a SEARS house when you’ve got original blueprints in your hand?

Kate and blueprints-1
Woo hoo! Blueprints!

Lucky for Kate, the house has withstood the test of time and still has a lot of its original features and charm. Kate intends to keep it that way, thank you very much. And no, she’s not removing the original kitchen floor because of its asbestos content.

Today was the kind of day I’d call a perfect “10.” The sun came out, the magnolias are blooming, I got to meet Kate and her dog and got to share in the thrill of unearthing a rare treasure – a set of SEARS blueprints in the flesh.


image 1925

floor plan 1925

Here are some photos of Kate’s Honor Bilt SEARS home. The one Chester and Hattie built with love and lumber from Norwood Sash and Door.

HattieHattie-back of photoChesterChester-back of photo7553 Ross Ave-17553 Ross Ave-27553 Ross Ave-37553 Ross Ave-47553 Ross Ave-57553 Ross Ave-77553 Ross Ave-87553 Ross Ave-97553 Ross Ave-107553 Ross Ave-117553 Ross Ave-127553 Ross Ave-137553 Ross Ave-147553 Ross Ave-157553 Ross Ave-167553 Ross Ave-177553 Ross Ave-187553 Ross Ave-197553 Ross Ave-207553 Ross Ave-217553 Ross Ave-247553 Ross Ave-257553 Ross Ave-26blueprints-1blueprints-2blueprints-3blueprints-4blueprints-5blueprints-6blueprints-7blueprints-8blueprints-9blueprints-10blueprints-11blueprints-12blueprints-13blueprints-14blueprints-15blueprints-16blueprints-17


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